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Note: Wilbur has retired!

It has been a long time since I have personally used Wilbur or done any development on him, beyond occasional bug fixes. It has become increasingly hard to provide reasonable support for the program, so I have decided to declare him "retired" after a long an honorable service.

For my own purposes, I now use Wilbur's kid sister, Wilma, which is a desktop application in the Wilbur spirit, but able to run on Mac and Linux boxes as well as Windows (note this is not the same as the earlier browser based python version of Wilma). Wilma replaces the functions I used Wilbur for and adds the ability to search multiple indexes, possibly across machines as well as some other features I desired.

Anyone is free to continue using Wilbur or modify him, but I will now be very reluctant to try and answer questions about him. The original Wilbur home pages continues below:

Wilbur version 2.2 is being released as a free software program under the provisions of the GNU General Public License of the Free Software Foundation.
(The same licensing as Linux)

(Now available in English, French and Polish Versions)

Download Version 2.2b13

Use Linux or Mac? Have a look at the 'not quite ready for prime time' prototype of Wilma!
Put your WilburNotes where you want them:
(A utility contributed by Leo Singh>

Every office seems to have one vital person who is the only one who can find anything in the file cabinets. Wilbur wants to be the electronic equivalent of that person for your computer.

His Qualifications:

  • He's fast
  • He's efficient
  • He's FREE!.
  • His source code is available

Give him a chance and he will quickly make an index so he can tell you where to find files containing any information you need now.

Check out his features and download a copy.

If you are already a Wilbur user, check out what's new in version 2.2.

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