What's New in Version 2.2

Wilbur 2.2 is mainly a maintanence release which collects the various fixes and minor improvements to the various 2.1 builds into a new version.

All Open Source

The major reason for a new version number is that finally the proprietary Dynazip zip handling routines have been replaced with the open source tools from Info-ZIP. This means that I can now release all of the Wilbur source code (previously the Dynazip licensing prevented me from releasing the code that called their routines).

Open Office Indexing

Also new to 2.2 is the ability to index Open Office files. These are in fact zip archives and are only indexed when the "treat zip files as directories" option is selected. The actual contents normally appear in the contents.xml file within this directory.

Collected 2.1 Upgrades...

There were lots of minor fixes and a few enhancements in the many builds of the 2.1 version. The only signifcant enhancements were probably these two:

PDF Support

Wilbur V2.1B16 introduced the ablility to make use of the open source utility pdftotext to index and display PDF (Adobe Acrobat) files. If the pdftotext.exe file is available from or somewhere on your system PATH statement, Wilbur will automatically use it. (Using Wilbur with PDF Files)

Vertical Panes

An option was added to the preferences to allow the file list and contents panes to be side by side.

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