FAR Gone

While it has been over two years since my last post (February 27th 2014), I do have a good excuse. That was in fact the last time I skied.

It wasn’t an injury or illness that kept me off of the slopes, but rather I just kind of lost interest. When I started to find myself skiing in deep powder and just shrugging while others were whooping and wailing, I knew the time to move on to other things was nigh. By and large those things don’t involve snow, so we have decided, with some trepidation, to move to Campbell River on Vancouver Island.

Leaving Fernie isn’t easy and there is no doubt we will miss it a great deal, for it is a very special place. However the lure of something new and perhaps less comfortable is pretty compelling.

This is obviously the definitive end of my Fernie reports, so paraphrasing the words of Douglas Adams:

So long Fernie and thanks for all the powder!