92 - 123's

This run, or really runs, comprises much of the Currie side of the ridge separating Currie and Timber Bowls. It gets its name from the way you ski down a section and then traverse to the right to the next section, ski down and repeat. One could make a case for there being more than three sections as this down and over routine can be repeated several more times, but in general I think of the first section being from the top of the White Pass chair over to above the hump on Down Right, with the second and third being separated by rock face you must slip below above the top of the last pitch on Down Right.

The entrance off of the top of White Pass is often obstructed by ugly moguls, frequently made worse by poor visibility, but usually the moguls, while still big, become nicely shaped after the first couple. You can continue straight down this fairly narrow chute all the way to Down Right, or traverse into a very wide, rarely mogulled slope to the right which will often reward you with a few nice powder turns before again heading right into the centre section.

This section is also very wide and usually develops rolls from the avalanche debris that falls from the cliffs above, which are one of only two permanently closed areas on the hill. If there has been recent control work and resulting slides, these debris areas can be pretty nasty.

The final traverse is fairly long into a wide open pitch that descends straight down to the flats above the entrance to Trespass Trail. This is often great skiing, which gets pretty steep on the far right.

Amazingly enough this run was rated as a blue until quite recently, but make no mistake, it is pure black.


Part of the upper section from the hump on Down Right. The top of the White Pass lift is visible at the upper right.


Heading down the centre section.


Another view of the centre section.


The view down three.


Looking back up the bottom section.

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