John's Report - April 02, 2008

Hot Dog Day & Near Spring Skiing

First, the skiing. Conditions at noon arrival were warm. The sun was beating down & the snow at the base was nearly sun baked. Yet there was the slightest nip in the air. It was a mix of near corn snow, with larger and harder chunks. There were deepening moguls and occasional grabby patches. Skiing from Gorbi Bowl to Shakeys Acres, I found the conditions to be very good, but not quite spring-like. North slopes are still wintery. While not truly spring-like, it was the best day of its kind this year. Hope it lasts to closing.

Today was Hot Dog Day, the retro-ski costume event involving bright clothes of days gone by (which, perhaps, are making a comeback - Maybe soon I will be able to pull out my old wide ties). The pictures explain all.


A bright day on the mountain.

Laura & her dad, Dan Sliva @ the top of Gorbie Bowl

The Saddles, Corner Pocket, etc

... and now Hot Dog Day Photos of who knows who.

He's got the look.

The north deck of the Griz.

The plaza in front of the Griz.

Inside the Griz.

If I were giving out the prize, he would get it.

Last shot, on the Griz south deck.