John's Report - February 17, 2008

Sunday: Good Snow & Moderate Crowds

Sunday was a bit of a surprise. As it was the Alberta & Saskatchewan long weekends, I was expecting a crush of people and hard, compact snow. Instead, I found only moderate crowds and true compact powder that was soft & easy to handle under ski. Combining this with sunny skies & warm temperatures, Sunday, overall, was really a good day to be on the mountain.

In addition to the nice weather & relatively sparse crowds, there was another four cms, which seemed like more due to the wind which blew snow off Polar Peak and the ridges. This laid down a nice creamy drift that managed to fill in the holes and created enough dust to work with on the more heavily tracked collector runs.

Some readers kindly provided more information on Mar’s Run, which is a new run off Siberia Ridge. It is dedicated to Marlene Bradish who died on Big Bang on February 12, 2004. Marlene worked on the Hill and was the wife of Mark Elson, who, until recently, was a FAR Manager and who’s now working in Calgary.

Currie (Concussion)Traverse

Currie Glades from Concussion Traverse.

Considering a descent into Corner Pocket

Corner Pocket deliberations continue.

Commitment made - point of no return

Tom's Run off Concussion

Looking towards the bottom of Tom's Run

Crowds were not evident at Timber Chair around noon on Sunday

Even green runs like Deer had reasonably sparse traffic

Shakey's Acres were in really fine condition. The wind blow on semi-compacted powder, combined the good visibility of bright sunlight, made this very nice run.

A view over Concussion

Currie Glades with Polar Peak in the background

Snake Ridge was in good shape ...

... as this picture shows.

Corner Pocket & the Saddles above Easter Bowl