John's Report - February 06, 2008

More Snow - Moderate Temperatures

The Hill reported another 18 cms of snow. It was of a dense kind that did an excellent job of filling in the bumps that were starting to develop. This and warm temperatures made for very nice skiing. However, south facing slopes were getting stiff, slabby & in some places, just plain hard. Everywhere else, conditions were nice indeed. Temperatures were just below freezing. Best of all, few people were on the slopes Wednesday.

Lizard opened at about 10 am, with Currie Bowl following at 10:45. The lower Cedar Traverse to Snake Ridge was open but the upper traverse remains closed. There were some closures as well on Siberia Ridge.

However, unless there is a lot more snow, I fear, if we get the traffic seen last weekend, by noon Saturday, conditions will start to harden. Pray for snow.

While not as dramatic as last Wednesday, Boomerang Bowl offered some very nice lines in the morning.

Another skier in Boom Bowl

Someone getting the second track in Bow Trees

Corner Pocket & both Saddles were open &, I'm told, were in good shape.

All the runs off Concussion Ridge looked good.

Pitches 2 & 3 of the 123's, as seen from Concussion.

This shot, taken from above Currie Creek, shows the clearing that went on in Bootleg Glades last summer.

This sign appeared on Siberia Ridge & is worth reading.

Mammoth Head as seen on Siberia.

The purpose of the hike up Siberia was to try a 1st ride on the new Mar's Run. My understanding is it's dedicated to a young lady named Marsha who died on Big Bang a few years ago.

Despite a promising entry...

... and steep slopes ...

... my choice of heading to skier's left on Mar's Run led me into a rocky, icy, ugly gully. This picture fails to capture its true ugliness.