John's Report - January 30, 2008

More Snow - Warmer Temperatures

On Wednesday, the bitter cold which has hung around for most of the last two weeks had left. Moreover, there was another 20 cms of snow, making for over a metre this week. All told there has been nearly 7 metres or over 21 feet of snow & we’re just half way through the season.

While 20 cms is about shin-deep, there was thigh & waist deep snow to be found, as some of the pictures show.

It was universally agreed Wednesday’s skiing was fabulous with soft powder & few people. Even the last run of the day offered clean powder line. Today, Thursday, will be more of the same as another 25 cms fell overnight.

Although the minutes before opening concentrated people at the chair, once open, there were very few people evident on the hill

A first trip up Boom Bowl. The sun shone during the morning. By the afternoon the clouds returned with more snow.

Inconsiderate skiers stealing my lines on Boom Ridge

Another "poacher" on Boom Ridge

Is there no end? Clean snow under Boom Chair being shredded in a way that broke my heart & the hearts of everyone else riding Boom for their first run.

The next person under the Boom Chair was me. Despite the thoughtlessness of earlier skiers, there were clean lines for all.

This picture was taken in Currie Glades on occasion of getting stuck in waist deep snow.

Looking up Currie Creek from the far right side of Bootleg Glades

With 22 feet of snow alders still appear in the gully at the bottom of Currie. Let's hope FAR does something about this mess next summer.

3 of the 123s with Anaconda Glades off the background ridge.

Looking Down 3 with Down Right at the Bottom. While chopped the snow was still soft & powdery.

This picture looking up Siberia Ridge was taken after 4 pm & clearly demonstrates the lack of traffic on Wednesday's Hill.