John's Report - January 27, 2008

Happy Auzzie Day

Yesterday was the national holiday of our Australian friends. Good on ya, mate.

After a week of bitter colder, with morning temperatures below -20c, things finally warmed up for Saturday with the temperatures just a couple of degrees below freezing. Despite the lack of real snow for the past week & the brutal temperatures, or maybe because of them, the quality of the surface was very good. Packed powder & very little ice all of which made of easy edging.

There’s been another 20 cms on the hill over night Saturday, so, if everything isn't closed today, it should be excellent skiing.

I leave you with a few pictures from yesterday’s Cardboard Derby, where all manner of craft made out of card board, glue & duct tape compete to hit the bullseye at the bottom of the slope.

All decked out for Auzzie Day or, perhaps the Derby

A view of the Saddles across Bow

One the cardboard creations

... and the first competitor is off

... and the second competitor is, er, ... off

Three four peas in a pod

Rubic Cube

To my surprise, this snow cat "construction" made it down the hill with little difficulty.

... but missed the mark below

Looks like it might be a strong challenge...

... still looking good

... and we have a winner!