John's Report - January 16, 2008

Cold Lonely Currie Bowl

At 8:30 am, at the base of the hill, the car thermometer read - 21 degrees. High winds in places along Timber & White Pass chairs made it feel much colder, with frost bite being a real concern. The reason for being there - between Sunday & Monday night, 27 cm of heavy dry snow fell in the bowls, which remained closed both Monday & Tuesday. Wednesday morning this changed. The cold & wind had benefits. The sun shone, the snow remained thick & dry, the winds continually smoothed slopes of their imperfections. Most important of all, the brutal conditions kept most would be Wednesday skiers at home, leaving great tracks for those few foolish enough to venture out.

It warmed up during the day. Snow conditions are still very good for those who might ski on Thursday.

An apology to anyone whose emails went unanswered; there was a problem with the account which should now be fixed.

No Crowds Assaulting the Mountain at 9:00 AM this Morning

Early Morning View from Top of Timber to Top of White Pass Chair

Close up of the Saddles taken from top of White Pass. Concussion Traverse was open but note the clean untracked snow

A View from the Entrance of the Upper Concussion Traverse

Polar Peak from within Currie Glades

At about noon on the main route off the cliff band in Currie Glades with nary a track

A view down Stag Leap. The snow is cut up but soft under ski.