John's Report - January 12, 2008

All Bowls Open - Huge Snow/Huge Crowds

By mid-Saturday morning all bowls had opened, Cedar to Snake Ridge, all of Lizard & all of Currie. With nearly three feet, or a metre, of new snow, and two days of closure, there were vast, untracked hinterlands. It was like a gold rush, with swarming crowds seeking to stake their claim to a share of the oodles of fresh snow; all three thick lovely feet of it. Yet, despite a days worth of relentless pressure, there were still small claims to stake at the end of the day.

True, the snow was of a dense compact kind, in places nicely firm & in others, soft & spongy. And there was three feet of it.

Its density made the snow somewhat tricky, which kept the less skilled off the prime steeps. A 4 pm run down Decline, while chopped, was still soft & easy to navigate, maybe, because of three fresh feet of firm, succulent snow.

Large Crowds @ the bottom of Bear Chair at 10:00 AM, just about the time Lizard opened.

Lizard Traverse as seen from Bow Trees.

A view down Bow

More crowds, this time at the base of Timber Chair, on news the Currie had opened.

Final Pitch on the 123s looking down on Down Right.

The Concussion Traverse just before the big three - Currie Creek to skier's right.

Looking up Currie Creek - still lots of freshies to be had around 1 pm.

A view down Currie Creek high over Gilmar Trail. The route down was wide open, unlike what this picture suggests.

A bit of sun showed up the valley in the afternoon.

Taken from White Pass chair, Puff was just swarming. I've never seen it so busy.

Currie Glades was sick with snow.

While well sliced & diced, Decline, at 4pm, was still very much worth the trip.