Craig's Report - April 06, 2008

A Fine End to a Very Fine Season

Fittingly the Griz bestowed another nice little offering on this final day of full operation for the season. Big heavy flakes started falling at the house late yesterday evening and while it was warm enough down here that the driveway was still clear this morning, 9 cms had accumulated up at the snow plot, with perhaps another five or so falling through the morning. Up top this was genuine powder and very nice, particularly off of the White Pass chair, which was completely in the powder zone. Farther down a mix of slick patches and heavy crud was somewhat less pleasant, but coverage continued to be essentially perfect. A nice end to one of the best seasons in my time here.

I said "final day of full operation", because it seems the hill will actually be open tomorrow with just the Elk and Bear chairs in operation. I have not heard the reason for this minor extension, but it is an opportunity for pass holders to grab a last few runs if they are so inclined.

I have just heard that the patrol encountered a large grizzly bear on Falling Star during their sweep tonight. I guess he had read the original closing schedule.

Many thanks to Jay and John for their many excellent reports this season and to everyone else, so long and have a great summer.

The first boat down the river in yesterday's Powder, Peddle, Paddle race. Brrrr.

A PPP competitor gets ready for the turn onto the highway...

and discovers going wide onto the gravel was not a good idea. He kept it together though.

There was a rail park event for the final (almost) day.

In the middle of Cedar Bowl it was still winter, at least at higher elevations.

The knob beside Cruiser in Cedar Bowl is pretty much just a snow field now.

Upper Cedar Ridge was very nice, but was a bit tricky near the bottom.

Three of 123 was superb today as it often has been this season.