Craig's Report - February 22, 2008


Forgive me Griz. I know it was only a short while ago I actually had the temerity to complain about too much powder, but a week without snow has made me see the error of my ways and I now want my powder back, please. It doesn't have to be snorkel deep, but a little something to cushion the hard pack blues would be gratefully received.

The skiing has remained remarkably good despite the dry spell and the Alberta Family Day weekend crowds. It probably would rate quite high by any reasonable standards, but my admittedly very spoiled sixteen year old pronounced it mediocre today and I am inclined to agree with her. North facing slopes tended to be firm but carvable, while South facing ones were spring like, with conditions ranging from slightly mushy to somewhat crunchy depending on the progress of the sun. None of what we skied was bad, but some wasn't all that tasty. Everyone seemed to enjoy the sun and beautiful scenery though.

It has been moderately busy throughout the week as a result of the beginning of school break season. This rarely translated into line ups of consequence, but there definitely seemed to be more folks on the slopes than on week days so far this season.

At 18:00 it is -2 C at the house and clear.

Bluebird Day! Griz Peak looms above Lizard Bowl.

The view down from the same spot.

Some areas were pretty bumpy by now, but the moguls on China Wall were not as hostile as they first appeared.

Looking down Snake Main. Although sun drenched, the skiing was a bit choppy and the shaded gully at the bottom was actually better, despite some strangely shaped moguls.

I had forgotten the free skiing competition was on and was initially puzzled as to why Gorbi Bowl was roped off. One of the dots in the middle of this picture is a young local legend in the making named Luke Nelson hopping over the tree band in the middle of Gorbi Bowl with apparently no more effort than I might jump off a gentle mogul.

I continue to be amazed by the coverage in the middle of Sunny Side, so here is yet another shot of it.

The late afternoon skiing on the Currie Chutes was decidedly mixed, with some areas being quite soft and others rather harsh.