Craig's Report - February 14, 2008

Good Quality, Previously Tracked Snow Available

It was a day without snow and with almost everything being open in the morning, there was little left for an afternoon warrior, like myself, which wasn't well sliced and diced. Still the residual snow was of the hero variety and the skiing was very good almost everywhere. We are at the point, which doesn't come every year, where you often find yourself skiing in places that are firmly embedded in your mind as impassible or at least ill advised, but which courtesy of a three and a half metre base, now are simply pleasant.

If the forecasts are to be believed, a dubious practice at best, it appears that the Griz will be a little less exuberant during the next few days, for which my exhausted snow blower will surely be grateful. We are also coming up to the Alberta Family Day weekend, so crowds are a near certainty and I will likely be lying low until Tuesday.

At 17:15 it is mainly overcast with a few blue patches and -1 C at the house.

You take the high road and I'll take the low road and I'll get to Snake Ridge before you.

Yesterday there was hardly a track in upper Gorbi Bowl, but yesterday you did have to climb up from the Alpine Way. You get what you work for I guess.

Steep and Deep from the edge of the Gorbi Bowl trees.

I can't remember when the steep center section of Sunnyside was so covered, wide and tame.

Even the huge fallen trees and stumps on Big Bang are now pretty much covered and it has been fine skiing of late.

On the Currie Chutes in the vicinity of Tom's Run, I think.

The tree band near the bottom of Cornice Chute is now almost just a pleasant glade.

An overview of most of the Currie Chutes from the other side of Currie Bowl.

The gully beside Gilmar Trail is now skiable right to the bottom and Gilmar itself looked to be in unusually fine condition.

The lower mountain often gets short shrift in these pictures, so here is a shot of Power Trip, which was very nice groomed snow down to just above the Bear chair load, where it started to get a bit firm.