Craig's Report - February 04, 2008

Post Powder Depression

Objectively I guess the skiing is still very good, but after the powdery delights of last week, it seemed like a harsh return to reality. I didn't ski on Friday or Saturday, but I hear that even on Friday, which saw the opening of a lot of untracked terrain, the snow was not what it had been earlier in the week. Perhaps due to wind effects, the top layer of snow was quite dense with lighter stuff underneath and lots of unintended front somersaults were the inevitable result. Saturday was apparently a zoo and by the time I ventured out yesterday afternoon, it was apparent that moguls now ruled the hill.

Although sometimes super sized, Sunday's moguls were still fairly friendly, but with today's falling temperatures they had become resolutely unmoving critters. Its not that they were icy or anything, but they certainly were no longer the polite fluffy fellows who would courteously move out of the way of your skis when asked. After a few runs some enjoyment did start to creep back into my skiing, but with the promise of snow starting again tomorrow there is hope that perhaps reality can be put off just a little longer.

I should reiterate that the skiing was actually very good by any reasonable standards and the groomed runs were a delight, well as much as groomed runs can be.

At 17:00 it is -5 C at the house and a few flakes are falling.

They opened the Face Lift today providing some semi fresh for the very hungry.

Looking across the bottom of China Might towards a nastily bumped Freeway.

Even Red Tree was ruled by bumps.

This is Black Cloud from the Timber chair and the lack of things sticking out shows what a 3m base can accomplish.

Visibility was not great today, so it isn't obvious, but almost all of lower Heartland including the steeper section on the skier's right had been groomed.

Bumps in the trees, this time near the bottom of Cornice Chute. It had been warmer and rather sunny yesterday, but I was still surprised to find just a hint of sun crust over here.

Bumpyside. You may not be able to see them in these conditions (neither was I), but they are there.