Craig's Report - January 31, 2008

A Wicked Week

What can you say about a week that sees the fall of a metre and a half of high quality powder, other than it was wickedly good. True it was very cold on Monday and near the base on Tuesday, but snow this good is certainly worth a few frostbite scabs. I can't recall, not that that means much, a week this good in quite some time.

It so happened that this week coincided with exam week at the local high school and neither Tara, my daughter, nor Lena, the exchange student staying with us, had any to write. This meant they were free to ski every day and with Lena returning home on Saturday, it was a great Fernie finish to her Canadian adventure. It may leave her with memories of the week similar to some of mine:

  • A descent in the Currie Chutes, where racing the slough felt more like surfing than skiing.
  • Skiing in the snow, not on it.
  • Run after run with nothing underfoot but soft and smooth.
  • Hoping there will be time between faces shots to get a decent gulp of air.

Thank you for a great farewell Griz!!!

At 18:30 it is -4 C at the house and overcast, but the snow seems to have stopped for now.

Currie Powder certainly deserved its name today.

Looking down from the same spot. Only 123s and Downright were open from the top, but you could traverse over to Currie Powder below the cliff bands in Currie Glades. You can see the last closure sign on Currie Powder, which seemed to indicate that you could traverse into Big Dipper (which we did) or even lower Concussion Chute, but apparently folks really pushed this to extremes and after a while they closed the bowl again.

Lena enjoy's Griz's farewell present on Big Dipper.

Lena again - we are going to really miss her.

The delicious looking but forbidden fruits of Cedar Bowl and Snake Ridge.

A last trip down PS I Love You. The Boom chair was already closed, so we headed out the old way, down Cedar Trail.

A shot from the same location, looking across the Boomerang gully to part of the Bear Chutes.