Craig's Report - January 27, 2008

Lots of Snow - Lots of People

With 27 cm of new snow overnight and another 10 plus during the morning, there was lots of snow today, but there was also an abundance of people to play in it. And here I thought I had an understanding with the Griz about only scheduling dumps on weekdays, preferably early in the week. :-)

Breaking my long standing vow of sloth, we were actually at the Elk lift by 8:30 to take advantage of the last Sunday of the month first tracks benefit for season pass holders. We certainly weren't alone, but by heading directly to the Boom chair we were able to grab a couple of sweet runs before the hordes truly hit.

The snow was fairly dense and only barely qualified for my snobby definition of powder, but it was still pretty delightful. It did require much more attention to technique than much of the ethereal stuff we have had this season and at times could border on slabby, but it was no where near crud like and if the whoops of delight were any indication, only the truly spoiled found any fault at all.

Of course almost everything was closed this morning and that may have contributed to occasionally wicked line ups. We had to leave early as my daughter worked this afternoon, but in truth, with our aversion to waiting, we weren't sorry to go. I have heard that some more stuff did open this afternoon, including Anaconda Glades and lower Currie.

At 14:10 it is now 1 C at the house, but the snow continues and a major drop in temperature and more snow is forecast.

Season pass holders await their monthly treat of a half hour head start on the new snow.

Unfortunately I didn't think to take a shot of Boomerang Ridge on our first ride up the Boom chair, when it only had a few patrol tracks. By our second ride up, it was already well used.

The Punji chutes area of the Boomerang run.

Yet another shot from the Boom Chair - I didn't really think about pictures much while skiing I am afraid.

I don't know if I have ever seen this many folks on the bottom part of King Fir.

Soft snow provides a nice spot for a rest, even when rather contorted.

Yikes, a mega line at the bottom of Boomerang. We bailed down the Hobbit Hump ski out, which probably wasn't any faster, but certainly a lot more exercise.

Although hard to see through the fog, the Bear run was infested to an amazing degree.