Craig's Report - January 11, 2008

Merely Excellent

There was some more snow for today and the opening of the KC Chutes and Sunny Side provided some nice over your knees turns, but the quality of the snow was not up to the standards set the last few days. It was merely excellent. While still a delight to ski, it was rather too dense to favourably compare to orgasmic delights of the last couple of days - yesterday's Anaconda opening for instance.

Avalanche hazard closures have been a major factor the last couple of days, with much of Currie, Lizard and Cedar Bowls closed, although some lower parts of all three have been opened. I imagine they would love to get these open for the weekend, but it does not look promising for flying the helicopter just now. Although by no means crowded today, there were definitely more folks on the hill and I suspect word of the conditions is getting out.

At 17:20 it is overcast and a worrying 1 C at the house, with an alarmingly liquid puddle in front of my garage.

My daughter Tara, foreground, exploits the powder on KC Chutes.

Looking up one of the steep chutes that drops down Cedar Ridge from Alpine Way.

Looking up the gut of Boomerang, which incidently had some very nice soft moguls on the upper part.

Lena, a German exchange student staying with us, on Boomerang, from the same spot as the previous picture.

Feeding frenzy! Sunnyside shortly after opening.

Lena in the Surprize trees, wondering about the wisdom of following Tara and I.