Craig's Report - January 09, 2008

Superlative Fatigue

There are days when the snow is grippy, the moguls are rounded and there is just a whiff of crud about the off piste stuff, when I can just about convince myself that packed snow skiing can be superior to the loose stuff. This wasn't one of those days, but rather one that shows just how misguided such thoughts are. The powder today averaged about knee deep, with some mid thigh pockets, and was effortlessly light without being insubstantial. Smooth, silky and whispering, it satisfied in a way no packed surface ever could. Returning to packed snow was like leaving the caresses of your French mistress for the sweaty embrace of a Texas car dealer, or at least so I imagine.

The hill reported 30 cms of snow in the last 24 hours, much on terrain that was closed yesterday, but open today. Indeed almost all of the hill was open, with the exception of the Cedar high traverse, the Saddles, Knot Chutes and the fan under the Hell's gate cliffs in Siberia Bowl and perhaps some I didn't notice. Even Snake was open, although with the Cedar Traverse closed, getting there took some effort, which was well rewarded.

An excellent day to be sure, but it now seems we are suffering from superlative fatigue and perhaps should have more parsimonious about using words like 'excellent' and 'superb' on lesser, but still very good days. Ah, it is all good.

At 15:30 it is -4 at the house and the next round of snow seems to have started.

On 3 of the 123s a little while after Currie opened.

Looking back up the hill from the same spot.

What can I say about this shot on Easter other than Mmmmmm.

Uphill from the same place.

And downhill. I didn't get the camera out often and didn't spend much time thinking about pictures, as there were better things to do.

Ah, just the way I like my moguls - fluffy and easy over. On the Bear Chutes.

Although fairly heavily tracked down here, my overall run down Snake Main was one of the best in a long time.