John's Report - December 25, 2007

A Lot More Snow & Then Sun

It continued to snow throughout Sunday, December 23, 2007. Nonetheless, at about 2 pm the Patrol managed tame the avalanche hazzards enough to open upper Lizard Bowl & Timber Ridge to Anaconda. People were even managing to get to Decline on the Easter Bowl traverse. All of which held great promise for a full mountain opening on Monday December 24th. Instead it snowed a further 30 cm overnight with the inevitable closures of all high bowls. On the positive side, the lower mountain is now good to go, with a deep base everywhere. Also, on Monday, we had what was likely the bluest, sunniest day of the whole season, which compensated somewhat for the confined skiing up above.

While Currie is of course closed, Puff Trees & Lifeline are now open as is Siberia Ridge, but not Big Bang or Mitchy's Cutes. Lower Diamond Back is also running but with a terrible alder infestation at the very top, which, once you get by it, opens up to a reasonably good run.

On the old side, Cedar Ridge was open on the 24th but not the traverses into the bowl. Boom Ridge, bowl and adjacent runs were all up and the conditions were truly good in the morning, when I skied the area.

A Happy Christmas to all.

A picture of the Ski Hill taken on December 24th on Highway 3 just south of Sparwood with the Elk River centre bottom.

Alders of Diamond Back at the Trespass Traverse. This picture does no justice to the tangled jungle I observed.

I think this is Puff Trees on the 23rd. In any case, the picture shows lots of untouched snow (which didn't remain in this state once the picture was taken).

Boom Ridge at around 10AM on the 24th - the snow was deep!

The chair up Boom with lower Boom Bowl & Kodiak in the background

Bear as you would expect it to be on a day when nearly everything else was closed.

Top of Elk Chair taken from the same spot as the above photo of the Bear.

The traffic up to the top of Siberia Ridge was busy on afternoon of the 24th.

This is a view down Morning Glory which still had buckets of snow by about 2 pm on the 24th.

Filler Photo - Looking up Bear Chutes - the cut shows the depth of snow