Jay's Report - December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

44-13-24. That’s how much snow in c’s we’ve had in the last 3 days. When I was a kid, I had a babysitter with measurements like that. I always looked forward to my folks going out.

With this much snow, wherever you’re at, you’re there. Practically anywhere on the mountain is the right place to be. New Side or Old Side, it didn’t matter. The 24 cm dump was a tad lighter than the previous ones, making turns slightly faster, slightly edgier. Or maybe that was just the cumulative effect of my legs revolting to the multi day powder punishment out here. Everyone has a story for the last few days. Here is one of mine. The Ski Patrol have done a superb job at getting the hill open after each snow fall. And there have been challenges so they are understandably of a conservative mind. I had just entered Corner Pocket and was ready to scream into the chute from the tree suspended on the right of the entry line when I heard the voice of a Ski Patrol yelling, “Hey! Stop! I need you to climb out of there!” I thought it was one of my buddies yanking my chain. But no, apparently there had been a slide in the Saddles and he wanted me to climb out. Like, right. If you’ve ever been in Corner Pocket, you ain’t getting out without a rope. Only way out is down. I attempted to bargain a one minute interval for me to shoosh Corner Pocket, but no doing; he wanted me to climb out. After surveying the steep terrain and reviewing my options, I realized there was only one – going down. Fortunately, I had my cell phone with me, which I carefully extracted and used to call the ski patrol while I was precariously perched about 10 meters down Corner Pocket. I quickly reached Ski Patrol dispatch, who was already aware of me and my position as well as my strong preference to ski down. After a brief negotiation, local dispatch suggested that I could ski down once the area was “Clear”. After a brief few minutes, dispatch called me back and permitted me to continue with my original plan and embark on a quick descent, which I promptly did. Phew. Nice work. Thanks. It would have wrecked my day to ski into a slide; or to climb out of Corner Pocket for that matter.

Back to the hill: as you might expect the hill is nicely covered; though well used in areas. I saw a convoy of 9 buses drop off a fleet of skiers and boarders this morning from who knows where. But conditions are great. Lots of packed powder and stashes of powder here and there left. Boomerang Ridge was carvey, soft powder with ego bumps. Corner Pocket and Upper and Lower Saddles were very nice once in, but a bit challenging on the entry as usual. Lineups are sporadically long at times. But then, like magic, the lines disappear.

Happy New Year everyone. Happy New Year to our local snow spirit, the Griz. May he continue to bless us with continuing powderings.

At 5:30 pm its – 4 c at the house and clear skis. Think I’ll change my underwear for New Years.

Curtis (Mr. Smooth) on King Fir

Mr. Smooth on Lower King Fir

Riley on Cedar Bowl. The snow more dispersed in the Bowl. You had to look for the stashes.

Retriever enjoying powder snow.

Corner Pocket from a few years back - with rope.