Jay's Report - December 28, 2007


44. That's how many c's the Hill reported this morning. There was every inch of that, maybe more in spots. It was a classic Fernie dump. This one seemed better than others. It was light and fluffy but not too light; it wouldn't erode before your eyes. Strangley, this powder had lasting power. It had legs, so to speak.

I didn't make it to the New Side, but I heard Shakies Acres and Surprise Trees were awesome. The Old Side had plenty to offer. Boomerang and Boomerang Ridge were sick practically all day. Cedar Ridge and King Fir were equally sick. Bear Chutes was hardly inhabited at all. Linda's Run was great in the early morning but got quite populated later on. I don't think Currie opened as avalanche concerns were obvious, but lower Cedar was opened all day. I never did get over to Lower Cedar, prefering to take untracked lines down outter King Fir, run after run. Like, was that the best day of skiing in years or what?

Legs dusted, I fell into the house late afternoon. I even had the drive way plowed, risking that the Griz might not approve. But the snow continues, proving that the Griz must be a family man. I still haven't changed my underwear though, but I might have to wipe them after today.

At 4pm, its -5C at the house and is snowing lightly, just like last night....

Dave on King Fir

Dave on upper King Fir

Woops on Cedar Ridge

Linda's Run still had a few alders sticking through

Happy Camper

Happy Camper

The Barbeque Snow Scale goes wild