Jay's Report - December 27, 2007

Still Snowing, Causing Superstitous Tendencies

Conditions continue impress with another 20 cm's accumulating for Boxing Day morning. I don't know where the crowds were but we were on Boomerang, Cedar Ridge, King Fir and Linda's Run for most of the day, where there were scrumptious quantities of fresh lines and face shots. I could hardly stand it to stop and take some photos. But stop I did to take digital record of the outstanding day. Behold, the Old Side of the hill was wonderfull and, better yet, open for the most part. Even upper Cedar opened later in the day. The only run that appeared to still be not recommended was Kangaroo; though, there are few times that "the ROO" is ever actually recommended. On the new side, Currie opened around 11 am up to Concussion and was it was rumoured that all of Currie would open on the 27th, weather permitting. But it continues to snow here in the Elk Valley, with forecasts for continuing flurries.

What an outstanding last couple of weeks the hill has had. Prospects for future powder days are strong. The Griz appears to be in a good mood these days for certain. It makes one turn superstitous. I hesitate to do anything to upset the Griz's stride, like shovel the driveway, step on cracks on my deck or change my underwear. See honey? I do this in the name of powder.

At 10 am, its -10 C at the house and snowing lightly.

Jessie on Boomerang.

Chris on Linda's Run

Deb on Deep Space doing Powder roll

Deb on Boomerang Ridge

Jessie on Boomerang Ridge

Jessie on lower Decline. Still a few alders on Decline.

Barbeque snow scale.