Jay's Report - April 04, 2007

What's to like about Spring Skiing?

I haven�t been a fan of spring skiing in the past. But that�s in the past because these last few days have been simply awesome. Good enough to convert even me to a higher consciousness of spring skiing awareness. Strange what 48 c�s of fresh will do to a man. And the crowds - well, what crowds? Did all of Manitoba and Saskatchewan go somewhere else this year? Did they get lost in the snow storms on route? I can�t believe the coverage at this time of year. Even after the pineapple express had attempted to reap havock with us a few weeks ago. But it�s hard to keep a good ski hill down and the Griz had other plans.

If you ever wake up with a hangover and you want to come to life sooner, then whistle down Anaconda your first couple of runs. Don�t stop, just blast through the trees and have faith that it opens up to an embracing steep section where, even if you fall, you�ll simply pin wheel safely into Currie Bowl, providing good entertainment to onlookers.

King Fir was tons of fun. A tad crunchy in spots, especially today, but just grand all things considered. Snake Ridge was tasty yesterday but a little crunchy today. With the forecast being for warmer temps, look for nice, thick, soggy type �SSSSSSSSS� turns in the next few days. As for the Roo, well, I passed on it, but I swear I heard it calling my name getting off the Up Haul. I reckon it�s haunted.

Face opened today with plenty of clean lines for all. The usual crazies were hiking up to get a few more adrenaline turns from higher altitudes. Not worth the hike. There were lots of lines around. If you felt like straight lining into Upper or Lower Saddles or Corner Pocket you would probably have been rewarded but the risk was considerable to be whisked away in the Blood Wagon as the entry points were totally nasty.

For those that are holidaying up in Fernie over the next week or two, conditions should be good. Coverage is excellent. Although the forecast is for warmer temps, it could make for good late morning turns combined with afternoon deck skiing. Have fun. I�m outta here for the season. Spring skiing was great but I�m off to warmer climes.

Clean Lines in Lizard Bowl this morning

Myles on Upper Gorby's

Jess on Decline

Jocelyn on Decline

Bernie on Anaconda

Bernie in Currie

On Boomerang