Jay's Report - February 20, 2007

8 out of 10?

Family Day weekend is typically one of the busiest weekends of the year. This one was perfect. Friday was huge with 15 cm of fresh combined with blue sky and open terrain. With no new snow on Saturday, conditions were good but not good enough to blow off family and friends that were in town visiting on Family Day weekend. It was a point building day, and we all need those from time to time. By Fernie standards, lift lines were low to moderate both days. Saturday night was the Fernie Alpine Skiing Team fund raising auction. With no new snow in the forecast and plenty of beverages on hand, folks felt content to indulge in the activities free from prospective powder guilt.

Sunday was perfect in that it opened up with ominous clouds which later whipped into a weird wind and snow storm, dumping about 5 cm�s of fresh in about an hour. Bear Chair shut down for about an hour though it wasn�t clear whether the wind caused the closure. The clouds and storm apparently scared the crowds away allowing fresh turns for the few that where there to enjoy. We had 3 circuits through King Fir before even seeing anyone else in the Cedar Bowl. It was down right eerie, on Family Day weekend yet. Who�d a thunk it? There was just enough snow and sift to cover up crunchies and pave the way to silky carving. Being charitable, it was an 8 out of 10 weekend. But I'll take an 8 out of 10 with no crowds over a 10 out of 10 with crowds any day.

Conditions on Monday stayed good although the forecasted 15 cm dump didn�t happen. Sift and soft snow were plentiful on the new side. 1,2,3�s was great with good visibility and carvy, ego building snow.

I wrote this Monday night but forgot to post it. Da. If you are reading this Tuesday morning it means you are not skiing in the 18cm�s of fresh snow today. Have a great day!

Curtis on Face on Saturday

Face on Saturday

Jess on StagLeap on Friday

Jennifer on Easter on Friday

Deb on 1,2,3's on Monday

Yours truly on 1,2,3's on Monday

Bernie on Lone Fir on Monday

The unbelievably long Family Day line ups. Note to self. Write letter to complain to Fernie Alpine Resort.