Jay's Report - January 28, 2007

A FAST Weekend

It was cold and crisp this weekend. Great on groomed. Icy in spots that weren�t sun exposed and chalk type of coverage in others. Not quite what we�ve become accustom to the last few weeks, but the GRIZ works in mysterious ways. This weekend the GRIZ delivered just what ski racers ordered - hard and fast. Just ask the racers on the FAST (Fernie Alpine Ski Team) team, whose first ski race was this weekend. The FAST team boasts some 250 members this year, making it the second largest ski team in Canada � Whister, B.C. having the largest team.

The hill allows the team to train and race on Kodiak and Spruce; otherwise unpopulated runs, but great for ski racing. In observing Fernie�s best and comparing them to us 40 something parents, I couldn�t help but recall something local Mike Delich once heard in a Warren Miller flick, �One day, they will ski as fast as us. But it will only be one day, because the next day, they will be faster.�

At 9 pm it�s -8 C at the house with cloudy skies. Light snow is in the forecast.

Cold Sunny Morning On Arrow.

FAST (Fernie Alpine Ski Team) Award Ceremony in the Court Yard.

FAST Skiers line up for race down Kodiak.

Heiko's Run above Face.

Preparation for next week's cardboard dummy race.