Jay's Report - January 22, 2007

Happy Powder Day

That�s twice now; twice that there has been �partly cloudy skies� in the forecast with up to 1cm of snow and then, bam, 30 c�s overnight. Happy Powder Day! It�s like waking up to presents under the tree. This was the best couple of days of the year. The powder was lighter this time and face shots were plentiful. New side, old side, it didn�t matter. Where ever you were at, you were there. It was the best - totally.

I heard one guy ask, �Are we the most privileged people in the world or what?� Best run of the weekend for me was Snake Ridge when it opened Sunday morning. I didn�t even mind humping it out of haul back when it broke down (again). Seems to me I did that a couple of weeks ago in the last 30 cm plus day. Is there a pattern here? After one loop through Snake Ridge, the group I was skiing with was so keen to get back to Snake that we humped up from the top of Boom Chair back to the top of Bear Chair so that we wouldn�t waste the time it would have taken to ski down to Bear Chair from the top of Boom and back up Bear. That�s sick. There were many deliberating over the proverbial question, �Should I meet my wife/brother/friend at the agreed upon time or should I do another loop on Snake?� Tough call? Not this weekend. No brainer.

At the time of writing it was -4C at the house and snowing lightly with, you guessed it, partly cloudy skies in the forecast.

On Snake Ridge

Even the Dog had face Shots. Nice one Chris.

Shakies Acres. Everyone had smiles.

Woops. Note to self. When on Gorby's hang a left before alder line.

Only one way down off cliff band.

Kids in Powder. Nancy Green Boom Bombs E1 ski team, stuck in snow.

Sanja of the Boom Bombs Nancy Green E1 ski team.