Jay's Report - January 04, 2007

Don't Trust Forecasts

Cleary shaken by the whines of discontented powder hounds at the wet offerings of the other day, the Griz returned with an unannounced vengeance. There is nothing like waking up to 20 c�s of �partly cloudy� on the drive way. With the 20 cm rule clearly in affect, there were many locals out enjoying the rainy day recovery dump.

Boomerang Ridge was grand as was Linda�s Run. And yes, the Roo was sufficiently cushioned for a pillowed descent. Ski Patrol worked hard to open the bowls and also stood guard to dissuade poachers from entering the closed areas. I turned in for lunch around 12:15 after mercifully giving into my screaming. In a rather unexplainable twist of misfortunate timing, Easter Bowl, Lower Currie and Cedar Bowls opened up at around 12:16, leaving me nothing more to brag to my friends about today.

At 3:45 pm it�s about minus 3 at the house. The forecast is for �partly cloudy skies�.

Bernie on Linda's

Jess, Deb and Bernie on Linda's


Ski Patrol working on trail management from Boomerang to Bear Chair the other day