Craig's Report - December 25, 2007

Santa and the Patrol Elves were Very Kind

On Christmas eve they closed some of the lifts early so a red hulled chopper could deliver explosive presents to the cliffs above the closed Currie, Lizard and Cedar Bowls. These produced some spectacular snow cascades off of the rocks and the opening of much of Lizard and Cedar first thing this morning as a Christmas treat, although Easter Bowl and Snake Ridge remained closed. Much revelry was had by all. True snow in exposed areas could be a little stiff or even down right slabby, but it was all good and the stuff protected from the wind was sweet indeed.

More goodies were promised though, for one could hear the patrol hard at work on Currie Bowl. The first treat was the opening of Anaconda Glades a little after noon. With not many folks about and even fewer aware of the opening, my daughter and I were able to score a couple of truly fine runs in lower Currie before significant traffic started to appear on the traverse below the Knot Chutes.

It also appeared that the whole bowl might open at some point, but hope faded as the afternoon wore on. Some time after three we had given up and were taking a last ride on the White Pass chair, when, just as we neared the top, the bowl went green. Sweet - very sweet. We had already decided to foresake the 1,2,3s as they seemed likely to have both lots of screaming traffic and avalanche debris and opt instead for the serenity of the Currie Glades. This proved to be an inspired choice for the whole thing was a lovely field of powder untauched by wind or even patrol tracks. There is just something very special about skiing totally undisturbed snow with no tracks or people visible anywhere.

We managed to squeeze in a second run over in the Big Dipper area, which featured as nice or better turns, albeit with the downside of having to occasionally cross a track. The Currie Chutes were closed at the top beyond Big Dipper, although you could cross over into the lower parts of them below the steep band.

All in all one of the better days I have had in quite a while and even sweeter for Tara, who was on new boards that somehow appeared in the Christmas locker.

At 17:20 it is overcast and -3 C at the house. Have a safe and happy holidays!

Anaconda Glades shortly after opening.

Cedar Bowl had some fine skiing, but it could be tricky where the wind had had its way with the snow.

Diamond Back is still pretty bushy in places, but at least most of the hazards seemed to be vegetable rather than mineral.

Looking across lower Currie Bowl from the bottom of the Bootleg Glades. Upper Currie was still closed at this point.

On a second Anaconda run we slipped over to catch part of the last of the 1,2,3s, which was extremely nice as long as you avoided the avalanche tracks.

In the trees between Big Dipper and Concussion Chute on our last run.