Craig's Report - December 19, 2007

More Snow, But Closures Too

The periods of snow have been continuing and indeed have been increasing from daily totals of a few centimetres, up into the high teens. This is certainly a help for the lower runs as well as a nice treat up top, but the avalanche risk has been increasing correspondingly, no doubt made worse by wind loading. Today saw most of Cedar and Lizard Bowls and all of Currie Bowl closed, as well as Knot Chutes, Lift Line, Big Bang and the climb up to Siberia Ridge. With significantly more snow predicted for overnight and tomorrow morning, this seems unlikely to improve tomorrow.

Although it was warm at the house and the snow heavy and wet, it was a different story up on the mountain. To be sure, it wasn't light fluffy powder, but with the exception of some dense wind slab, most of it was creamy and delightful. Off piste areas like Cedar Ridge and Linda's run still have lots of shrubbery and snow snakes, but are getting better all the time. Even the lower, non snow making runs are now becoming skiable, at least if you don't let the stems sticking up bother you. I had a surprisingly nice run down an almost untracked Silver Fox - something I don't often get to say. I suspect they will be able to start running the Deer Chair soon.

At 16:20 it is -1 C at the house and snowing lightly.

Some parts of Cedar Ridge were pretty clear.

Some parts less so - much less than in this picture in places.

Another shot of Cedar Ridge from near the bottom of the normally main open part.

Looking down from the same spot.

Big Bang and Lift Line were closed, but poachers were causing lots of problems.

I took my first runs of the season down Puff today and despite how it might appear in this picture, I found it quite good and definitely better than lower Heartland.