Craig's Report - December 17, 2007

The Real Season Begins

I didn't intend to do a report today, but to me it so clearly seemed to be the first day of the real ski season, that I thought I would post a quick note. No pictures though, I am afraid.

With runs on Cedar Ridge, Sunny Side, Easter Bowl, the Currie Chutes and Morning Glory, gone was the repetitious plodding down groomers, to be replaced with some lovely powder turns and terrain that sometimes bordered on a little too interesting. To be sure a familial connection with the alder clan was a definite asset and blood thirsty punjis and other surprises were ever present as was the occasional scrape of crust, but it was still great skiing.

Even better the forecasts are for more snow through Wednesday and small daily doses are just what is needed now. Unless something untoward happens, things are starting to look good for really decent conditions over the holidays.

Coming up on 17:00, it is just below the freezing point at the house and the sky is overcast, although no snow is falling at the moment.

Sorry folks. nothing but a picture from the porch today.