Craig's Report - December 14, 2007

Cedar Bowl Opens

Just a quick report that Cedar Bowl is now somewhat open and the Haul Back and Boomerang lifts are in operation. The only recommended skiing in Cedar were the groomed runs (Cruiser, Cedar Centre and Trillium) and brief excursions off groomed quickly confirmed the wisdom of those recommendations. Coverage wasn't the problem, but rather the uneven rain crust under and sometimes above the snow, which mixed with wind slabbed snow made things all too interesting and certainly not pleasant.

Cedar and Snake Ridges were closed as were the KC Chutes and lower Cedar Centre, leaving the Cruiser tuck out as the only route to the bottom. This was a bit icy and thin, but certainly acceptable. Even lower North Ridge from the Haul Back down was not bad, although it is hard to imagine it withstanding much traffic. On the lower part you could amuse yourself slaloming around the small weeds, while lower Linda's Run was rather overly twiggy.

On the new side Gilmar Trail is now open, but not recommended and while I did not try it myself, a friend who did said it wasn't too bad, except narrow and icy in spots. Hmmmmm.

Snow is predicted to start shortly and the hill thinks 6 to 12 cms might fall tomorrow, with more expected in the following days. It will be much appreciated, especially as traffic will be increasing significantly as groups start arriving this weekend.

At 16:15 it is -5 C at the house and partially cloudy.

Fernie has limited snow making, but it has worked wonders in the places it can reach, such as the path down to the base of the Timber chair.

Elk is now open down to the Bear Chair load. It didn't look too bad, but snow making still has Dipsey as the preferred choice. Some of the lower runs now open must have bases that measure in the single digit centimetres.

Cruiser had good coverage and while firm, wasn't really icy. Satisfactory, but another dull, um, cruiser.

Cedar Ridge appeared to have sufficient coverage, but the wrong kind. Rain crust rules off the groomed here.

Snake Main also looked appealing except for the type of snow and it appears the KC Chutes, in the foreground, may have had some trimming this summer.

The lower part of Cedar Centre is still closed and clearly KC Chutes, on the right, have not been completely relieved of their alders.

Boomerang's coverage looked not bad, but not visible in this picture are the glistening icebergs sticking through the snow, which undoubtedly are why it is still closed.

Upper North Ridge was pretty much in normal winter shape and I suspect some alder grooming must have been done near the top, for there was no sign of the normal early season twiggyness.