Craig's Report - November 19, 2007

So You Always Wanted to be a Proof Reader?

After a minor several year delay, I mysteriously got motivated enough this fall to do a full update on my trail map page. There are now descriptions or comments for every run and pictures for most of them. However it turns out writing something about, and worse finding pictures for, one hundred and eleven runs took a little longer than I thought and played serious havoc with my Vow of Sloth. I sought some redemption by completely avoiding the proof reading step and so I am going to try and wheedle some free labour out of you my dear readers. If you find your self with a surplus of time and a surfeit of life, perhaps you would consider perusing a few of the descriptions and send me your comments on the errors and omissions you find. There is a handy link on the bottom of each description that should create an email message with the appropriate subject.

As to conditions on the hill, I can report that it was white and wonderful at the house for about a day before the dreaded rain washed it all away. Things are much more promising up on the hill though, with perhaps a little under 40 cm up at the Bear snow plot and what is more it is a type of concrete that should provide a solid foundation for the rest of the season. Down around the top of Lower Bear the snow dwindles to near nothing and while the chilly weather has them making snow on Dipsey/Lizard, much help from Mother Nature is still needed.

Overall it is a not bad situation for this time of year, but obviously we will be counting on some decent storms in the next couple of weeks to ensure a grin filled opening.

At 16:15 it is -4 C at the house and the skies are clear.

Duelling snow guns on the bottom of Lizard.

Looking up Bear from the top of the Elk Lift. Yes, that is a snow board track etched into the now very solid snow.

Dancer from the Tower Six Trail hairpin.

Griz Peak looms above Bow and what I recently discovered is Weasel (the Bow trees).

Upper Bear in its frozen glory.

Heading down Bear looked dubious, but there actually was much more traction than it appeared, even if my boots hardly made a dent in the surface. I pitied the deer that made the tracks farther down, for sinking into this stuff must have been rough on its shins.

Lizard Bowl from between Sun Up and the bottom of Sunnyside.

As you can see there was still snow below the Bear's Den, but it was pretty insignificant below where Lower Bear and Holo Hike branch off a little ways further down.