Craig's Report - September 21, 2007

A Hint of Things to Come

With fall is almost officially here, this morning found the upper mountain sporting a promise of things to come. By afternoon the snow had retreated up to the ridge and will probably soon disappear altogether, but it was nice to see the peaks once again with a bit of white finery and so I thought I would share a few pictures.

At 17:00 it is overcast and 10 C down at the house.

By afternoon the white was confined to the upper rocks, leaving the rest of Lizard Bowl with its fall colours.

Lizard Bowl from the bottom of Sunnyside, with Easter Bowl and the Saddles on the far side.

A dusted Griz Peak looms above Bear.

Upper Cedar Bowl from the top of the Bear chair. This time of year highlights some of the interesting striations running across the bowl.

Lizard Bowl and the base of the Face Lift from the top of Bear.

Looking down Arrow into a sunny Cokato.

The blasting and scraping this summer didn't eliminate the small rise between the bottom of the Face Lift and the corner on the Lizard traverse, but...

It does appear to have eliminated the rest of the uphill and has made the trail considerably wider.

Lizard Bowl from the top of Bow.

Looking up the valley towards Fernie from near the top of Dancer.