Craig's Report - June 22, 2007

And Now It is Summer

Much of June has been a soggy affair, but the last few days have lived up to the solstice's claim to be the start of summer. It was gorgeous on the mountain today and that lured my camera and me up a bit farther than my normal stair master routine takes me, which seemed reason enough to post some pictures and a report. You can still find quite a bit of snow on the mountain, but you have to be prepared to climb to find it, for while there are a few patches farther down, significant amounts are now only found above the tops of the Bear and Timber chairs.

I saw the mother and cub I mentioned in my last report again a couple of weeks later and then had to detour around the cub a couple of days ago. Mama was not in evidence during this last encounter and it is possible this little fellow has now been sent to conquer the world on his own. The presence of these guys, as well as coming across what seemed to be an unusual amount of bear scat all over the mountain, has encouraged me to walk rather than bike for exercise, but in a week the lifts will open for the summer biking season and I imagine most larger critters will flee for quieter bowls. The trail crews look to have been busy putting up signs and getting trails ready for the bikers, but there is also what appears to be a daunting amount left to do in just a week.

There is not a lot else to report from the hill, but next weekend does also bring a new summer music festival (see as well as the usual host of Canada Day festivities.

At 17:45 it is mainly sunny and 24 C at the house.

Polar Peak and Currie Bowl from the top of White Pass.

How water moves mountains to the sea. This is just below the switch back on Falling Star and in the vicinity of where the Rock Star mountain bike trail used to go. It was closed last year for the construction of Fall Out, but I think they plan to have it available again this year.

Mount Fernie and the Sisters from the Lost Boy's Cafe deck.

High and dry in upper Timber Bowl.

The Timber headwall to the left, with the top of White Pass at the extreme right. Taken from Falling Star near the top of Heartland.

The snow in the catch basin beside Falling Star had rather neat, if difficult to capture, patterns.

Looking down Shakey's Acres into Timber Bowl from beside the White Pass patrol hut.

The White Pass patrol hut, gun tower and top of 1,2,3 from near the top of Down Right.

It must be tough being a tree trying to make a living in an avalanche path. In Currie Bowl.

Back down on the lower mountain, deer are not only plentiful and bold, but the bane of gardeners like my wife. Last week we had one standing on our deck enjoying a meal from a pot right beside our front door. This one was on Power Carve, a mountain bike trail between Elk and Power Trip.

There seems to be lots of dirt, but obviously also lots of work still required to get the terrain park on Mighty Moose ready for folks to test the plasticity of their bones next week.