Craig's Report - April 13, 2007

Brief Day, Brief Update

I was only out a short time this afternoon and didn't take the camera, but as my recent reports have been all been pretty positive and today was. well not so positive, I thought I would post a brief note.

It stayed cloudy today and once I headed out the door, it started to rain. This manifested itself as snow farther up the mountain, but everything that hadn't been groomed remained pretty grim with frozen ruts and lumps. Admitedly I didn't even head over to the new side, so perhaps it was better farther up. I did ski the Trillium portion of tomorrow's Powder, Peddle, Paddle course and it had been groomed and was in good shape. The gates are already set though, so presumably it won't see further grooming before the race.

The bare patches have definitely grown over the last few days and while getting around the mountain still doesn't seem to be a problem, some route picking is definitely in order as is vigilance for all hazards are not marked.

The rain stopped once I left the mountain, but at 15:00 it is still overcast and 7 C on the porch.

Just a porch picture day.