Craig's Report - April 03, 2007

April Powder Brings May ???

There has been almost half a meter of new snow in the last three days, with the last two days worth being powder of particularly high quality. Both yesterday and today saw some superb skiing in boot high and sometimes much deeper light powder and needless to say goofy grins were not in short supply. Yesterday was one of my favorite kinds of day, with snow falling heavily throughout the day ensuring an endless series of ever improving lines. However today dawned clear and sunny and it was apparent even to me that morning was the time to be on the hill.

The early skiing off of the top was about as good as it gets and even the lower mountain groomers were all in fine shape. On steeper mid mountain slopes you could start to feel crunchy bits under the powder and it didn�t take long for the higher traffic spots to start to develop hard spots between fluffy mounds. Indeed although the hill was definitely not busy, the folks that were here seemed to be particularly good at tracking and packing and by noon freshies started to require a little more hunting. Also the strong spring sun was rapidly transforming powder to crud on the South facing slopes. A final midday run down a sun drenched Morning Glory was definitely not the highlight of the day.

The quick transformation of the hill from late spring skiing to deep winter powder conditions and what will probably be an equally quick transition back, shows how just about any conditions are possible on any given day of the season.

At 14:40 it is clouding over and the thermometer at the house has climbed to 1 C.

Powder and sun on Snake in April.

Even the lower runs leading into the base were in pristine winter condition.

Lizard Bowl from the Bear Chair.

There was lots of traffic heading over to sample and track Snake Ridge. While the Cedar Traverse was not open, they did have a traverse right from the top of Bear, significantly above the normal Hut Trail start.

Puff from the White Pass chair.

Looking down Currie Bowl from the 1,2, 3s. These were still in the shade and the steep section on the right side of 3 was particularly sweet.

Mammoth Head from the top of Morning Glory. While uncut snow was still not bad at midday, the sun drenched chop was a brutal change from the earlier fluff.