Craig's Report - March 05, 2007

Has Spring Sprung ... a Leak?

As temperatures soared yesterday for the final day of Griz Days, it was as if some cosmic knob was flipped from the winter to the spring setting. I don�t know what that meant in terms of skiing, as I didn�t get out on the slopes yesterday, but it was ideal for the Dummy Downhill and we joined a sizable throng of folks lured by the mild sunny weather and prospect of wanton destruction. The event seemed to go off without a hitch and it appeared most everyone had a good time, except of course for those hapless dummies.

The sun was replaced with clouds and precipitation today, but the temperatures stayed mild, which of course meant the dreaded rain on the lower slopes. It did snow up top though and even late in the afternoon it was still snowing at the bottom of the White Pass lift, with quite nice wintery conditions at the top, albeit with rather limited visibility. Even on the old side the upper mountain had new snow, although it was more along the lines of a nice thin layer of cream cheese rather than deep fluffy powder. I found it quite delightful, but admittedly by the time one neared the bottom of Cedar Bowl it became sufficiently heavy that it would probably only appeal to perverted sludge hounds like yours truly.

Indeed on my final run in the Windows Chutes, the size and quantity of snowball pin wheels rolling down the slope after each turn was rather impressive and when I stopped just above Deer Trail, one larger than my torso rolled by and broke up on the cat track with one pumpkin sized chunk continuing a few metres down Giggly Gully.

Although the sense of spring was strong at the base area and mild temperatures are predicted to persist for a bit, it is quite likely that winter will soon return for at least a while. Still we are getting to the time of year when all sliders have to realize that inevitably, spring happens.

At 18:00 it is 3 C on the porch with a cloudy sky, but the rain seems to have stopped for now.

Yesterday a hero, but today just a sad dummy waiting in the rain for an ignoble fate.

It isn�t often you ride the Elk Chair and are unable to see any one else on it. It turns out there were folks on the hill, but most were sticking to the White Pass chair.

A lovely field of untouched cream cheese on Snake Main. If your inclinations include such things, it was delightful.

Looking across Gorbie Bowl towards Steep and Deep from the lower part of Snake. Things were pretty pasty from here on down and while not visible in this picture, the yearly crack has formed in the Gorbie snow pack.

Looking back the other way from the same spot, across the Snake gully and the KC chutes towards lower Cedar Ridge.

Although the visibility at the top of White Pass was marginal, even by 2 of 1,2,3, it was not bad.

Looking down from the same place.