Craig's Report - February 27, 2007

Mini Report

It has been a good week with no big dumps, but enough little offerings to keep things more than just nice. Yesterday�s predicted occasional flurries produced about 10 cm of high quality snow during the day, leading to one of those wonderful afternoons. There was no significant new snow today, but a trek to less travelled areas could still serve up some very fine turns in over your boot powder. It was also clear for much of the day and the sudden acquisition of visibility was a delightful change. Alas it came with the usual price, for by afternoon the snow on places like the Currie Chutes had developed a mild sun crust, that while not really burdensome, certainly was lower grade than the shady stuff. It just confirms my vampiric belief that rarely is the sun a good thing.

I was skiing with a group today and somehow the camera once again seemed stuck in my pocket. The only shot I took was of Polar Peak, which was bedecked by hordes on both the boot pack and the summit.

At 16:00 my possibly sun biased porch thermometer is reporting 1 C, but it is becoming overcast again.

Hikers laid siege to Polar Peak today.