Craig's Report - February 23, 2007

Old Side Report

There are some long time Fernie skiers who only ski the �Old Side� (Lizard and Cedar) bowls and that is what my daughter and I ended up unintentionally doing today. It wasn�t the plan, but an abundance of fine snow and must ski runs just kept us cycling until our legs suggested it was time to head home. There was another 8 cms last night to round off a fine week of skiing, but while there were certainly nice pockets of untouched powder, most of our turns were in pre-skied snow, not that it mattered, for it was still very good to excellent skiing. Well travelled areas could have some firm spots, but generally these seemed easy to avoid.

It was surprisingly busy with some full corrals this morning, but these cleared out by noon and actual waits were never very long. Temperatures were in the minus single digits with the sun and occasional wind competing to make it feel warmer or cooler depending on where you were.

At 16:00 it is 0 C on the porch and the sky is still mainly blue, but a few clouds have moved in and in particular are hugging the ridge.

Cedar Bowl with Cruiser in the foreground, Snake Ridge across the bowl and Cedar Valley in the background.

A telemarker enjoys the soft pack under the Boom Chair.

The Gorbi Bowl run was in fine shape except for a few icy spots in the escape through the steep tree and bush band that help it get its second black diamond.

This is from the same spot looking across lower Gorbi Bowl and the KC chutes towards Cedar Ridge.

Looking back the other way from the bottom of KC chutes. Steep and Deep is at the right.

There were some crisp spots on the KC chutes in the usual places, but overall it was in nice shape.

Lizard Bowl from the lower part of Easter Bowl. The top of Bear is at the upper left and Sunnyside takes up the upper right part of the image.