Craig's Report - February 20, 2007

Tuesday Treat

I did not get to read Jay�s postdated report this morning, for I was indeed out skiing that 18 cm of new and most certainly did have a great day. :-) It was perhaps too dense to really call powder, but carved wonderfully and might even have been better than the lighter stuff. Snow continued on and off through the day and the tops of Timber and Currie were subject to rather bracing wind gusts that in fact delayed the opening of the Timber Chair for a while. The positive side of the wind was that it acted like a big track eraser in places like the Currie Chutes (only available through the lower traverse) ensuring that ongoing freshie experience.

While I did have the camera with me, it largely stayed in my pocket, so I have only a few meager pictures and it seems not all that many words either. Fortunately, as a second report for the day, it will be enough to convey that it was a delightful day.

At 16:10 it is -1 C and snowing fairly vigorously at the house.

Brian carves up the untracked with his tele skis.

Another shot from the same location with an impatient daughter off in the distance.

Brian�s daughter Sydney trying to avoid having her picture taken while taking a break on the Cedar Ridge.

Brian again strafes me on another circuit of the Currie Chutes.