Craig's Report - February 12, 2007

Reclamation Progressing Nicely

The Griz�s ice reclamation project is coming along nicely and was helped by another 10 centimetres last night that improved things significantly. Indeed there were some grade A powder turns available out there, but most untracked stuff was still haunted to one degree or another by ice ghosts, while the soft cushy moguls still shared some space with scraped ice. In general the cushioning was sufficient and the ice spots small enough, but even on nice turns the prospect that the next one might be hard was still enough to keep the overall grade to just a B. For instance on my last run down Easter I found a lovely line of excellent boot to knee high smoothies, but the resulting powder reverie was inevitably brought to a noisy end as my descent brought me in to the realm of a scraped patch. It was nothing significant and the turns continued to be mainly smooth, but it definitely did some serious harm to my powder zen.

Most of the groomed stuff I was on was in pretty good shape, although some things like lower North Ridge and Wallaby definitely had some pretty firm patches and a pleasant run down Freeway definitely required some creative linking of well spaced soft bits or better edging skills than mine.

School break season has obviously started and the hill was busier than it has been mid week, but at least in the afternoon line ups were pretty much nonexistent. I expect it might be a different story next week.

It was cooler today with the temperature at the house struggling for minus 10 C as I headed out to the afternoon shift and the bit of wind up top was occasionally rather nippy. Light snow fell on and off and at certain points a light ice layer would form on your goggles, but nothing really bothersome.

At 17:30 it is -9 C at the house and overcast.

On the Red Tree rope, with the bottom of Fish Bowl to the left.

Looking across Bow towards Easter Bowl and the Saddles.

�Linda�s Domain, DO NOT ENTER� says this sign at the top of Linda�s run. Folks who know Linda, know to be afraid. :-)

Cornice Chute was almost great, but there was just enough hints of the ice underneath to keep the powder high from really taking hold.

This is the infamous, at least to me, dip in the Currie traverse to the front three where it enters Currie Creek. You approach from the other side on a narrow downhill trail to which you must commit before you can see what awaits. To add interest the nature of it seems to change daily. Today it was fairly benign as long as you used your millisecond decision time to choose the narrow bypass on the skier�s right rather than going mano a mano with the lump to the left.

This far down in Easter Bowl there wasn�t enough new to really hide the crunchies underneath, but is was still some awfully fine skiing.

Looking across Lizard Bowl towards Arrow and Sunnyside from the same spot.