Craig's Report - January 24, 2007

Warm weather returned yesterday (Tuesday) and brought with it snow ranging from extremely wet (read rain) at the bottom, to powdery up on White Pass. Despite the heavy stuff down low, I thought the skiing was really quite good over almost all the mountain. Today was still warm, as well as now clear, calm and pretty, but I thought the skiing conditions were, on average, only so-so. True the snow up at White Pass elevation was still very nice, but on much of the mountain it was a pretty mixed bag.

Off piste the snow on the upper mountain often consisted of a stiff wind slab, which was pleasant enough, but far from outstanding. Untracked stuff down low could be a truly awful sticky goop, with a thin crust and bad intent. Groomed runs in the shade were hard and slick, but runs in the sun did soften nicely. However once the sun started slipping behind the ridge, the soft sticky balls left behind quickly stiffened into an uncomfortable bouncy ride.

The net result was that unless you were willing to confine yourself to the White Pass chair, you were likely to experience everything from B grade stuff down to some D material on any given run. In fairness most comments I heard were more positive, but from my curmudgeon point of view, it was, again on average, merely okay.

At 18:40 the temperature has dropped to -2 C at the house and it is clear enough that the moon is out. Sounds like it could be crispy tomorrow morning.

The Bear Chair top station and gun tower from the top of Arrow.

The view down Arrow from the same spot.

Snake Ridge certainly looked nice.

The snow at the top of RedTree was decent in a stiff fashion, but down here in the alder flats was some ski sucking paste that did not treat me well.

I often take shots looking up Bear, so how about one looking down it.

Three of 1, 2, 3 was again kind of stiff, but definitely a nice ride.

Currie Chutes from the same spot.

This is taken at the top of Tom�s run and just below the Lower Saddle. Of to the left is Barracuda and the traverse to points beyond.

Looking up Cornice Chute.