Craig's Report - January 19, 2007

When Powder Pigs Fly

It was a positively delightful day if your snow tastes run to powder. The actual depth of the snow didn�t seem all that much deeper than yesterday, but instead of insubstantial fluff, today�s robust grade A powder easily masked the firm real world underneath. Unfortunately I am again deficient in the picture department, even though I had the camera with me. Partly this is due to skiing with a reconstituted group of our old men�s day (read that �old� adjective as you wish) group, but in reality I just wasn�t all that focused on taking pictures when such great turns awaited.

Well travelled mogul runs could still present noisy hard patches, but the less travelled parts were just a sweet delight of smooth boot high to knee deep soft turns. It continued to snow all day so things just kept getting better and amazingly most of the hill remained open. Upper Lizard was closed and late in the day so was upper Cedar, although the hut trail remained open. Over in Currie the upper traverse to the Currie Chutes and beyond was closed, but the lower one still provided access to the chutes as well as the front three and sweet, sweet Easter Bowl.

As a final delight, the beer at the end of the day was foamy and cool.

At 18:00 it is about -4 C at the house and the snow continues to diligently fall.

Part of Cedar Ridge from the cat track to Cruiser. The top of Boom Chair is just out of sight at the upper left.

It was noticeably busier today as word apparently got out, but I encountered no lines and still found lots of soft turns.

Folks visiting for the first time might want to consider taking a complimentary ski host tour. Here the guides gather and apparently far outnumber patrons. They are compelled to stay on groomed intermediate slopes though and I can�t help wondering where they found those today.

Another shot of Cedar Ridge, because thats all I have. Sigh.