Craig's Report - January 18, 2007

Fluff Update

I didn�t plan to do a report today and so didn�t take the camera, but a quick update seems in order. Despite what the weather forecasts might have said, it snowed all day up on the mountain and by the end of the day it was up to my knees in many spots. It was very light and initially I would have appreciated a denser variety to avoid being bounced about by the lumps underneath, but by the end of the day some of those silky smooth fluff turns were appearing and the snow seems intent on continuing to fall.

At 17:00 it is -7 C at the house with lots of big fluffy flakes falling.

I needed a picture to post this, so this is the view from my front porch. Lots of lovely flakes and snow banks that are developing an attitude.

Another view from the porch.