Craig's Report - January 07, 2007


What a day! There had been just under 40 cm of new snow for yesterday�s opening, but very little terrain was open due to avalanche concerns and there were LOTS of people crammed into what was available. At least that is what I heard, for we were unable to get out yesterday. However we did get out today and discovered some of the finest skiing we have had in quite some while. Despite snow that continued to fall all day, much of that closed terrain opened and with surprisingly thin crowds, the result was run after run of fresh lines in slightly dense, but still divine and oh so deep powder. It really doesn�t get much better.

The continuous snow fall meant that even heavy traffic areas like Puff stayed sweet all day and while the wind was occasionally harsh, the temperatures were pleasant. About the only possible complaint would be that wind stirred snow could occasionally reduce visibility, but when you are slicing and dicing an uncut field of smooth deep powder, you don�t really need to see much anyway. It was prudent however to stick to steeper slopes as it could be hard to maintain momentum in the deeper stuff on the gentler ones, something my low mass daughter had to be particularly careful of.

All round, just a great day!

At 16:10 it is -1 C down here at the house and still snowing lightly.

My daughter Tara demonstrating why it was so good in Currie this afternoon.

Cut, but still great in the center of Cedar. The selection of pictures, particularly of the really good stuff are somewhat limited by my sense of priorities. :-)

Currie was closed most of the morning and while this crowd gathered in eager anticipation, it later dispersed before the bowl actually opened. We lucked out and got there right after opening, but there was no hurry as there were plenty of lines for everyone even on succeeding runs.

Sweet delights in the Surprize trees,

but bark allergies are not recommended. Looking down from the same spot.

You couldn�t see much on Concussion Chute, but then you didn�t have to.

This where we took our last run of the day down Easter at about 3 P.M. How good is that?