Bernie's Report - March 15, 2007

She ain�t pretty, she just looks that way!

It looks like the report volunteers have been otherwise occupied this week. One has a better reasons than others for not reporting, but in my case, I just plain wimped out. Unfortunately ski conditions have been less than attractive. Last Sunday and Monday, the Pineapple Express, that was advancing over BC, peaked over Fernie. The ski hill was assaulted with high winds and pounding rain that extended almost, but not quite, to the highest skiable terrain. On Monday, much of the hill was closed because of the avalanche danger and there were several large slides within the ski hill boundary. Since then there has been a dusting of new snow and colder temperatures. Neither of which have managed to undo the storm damage.

Today was nice and sunny but �Old Sol� was unable generate sufficient thermal energy to do much good. I didn�t venture out until 1pm. Even then, conditions on all runs (except Wallaby) remained firm. If you were content to zoom the groomed, ski conditions were quite acceptable but the off-piste conditions are not good. Some steep areas, Snake Ridge for example, were closed. The strong winds caused the snow to ripple like blown sand. Since then it has frozen solid and it is decidedly difficult to ski. On the up side, the blown snow has leveled many of the ruts and moguls. When the temperature increases and allows the snow to soften, spring skiing conditions should be excellent.

At 5:pm there is a high overcast layer of cloud and the temperature is +5C in town.

BTW... Thanks and credits to the "Northern Pikes" for the title today.

Cedar Bowl. Looking up to Snake Ridge

Lizard Bowl in the sunshine

The Bare Run. Uh ... excuse me. I mean Bear Run

Cedar Bowl... Looking up at Griz Peak

One obvious slide on a steep area of lower Cedar Bowl.