Bernie's Report - March 08, 2007

You Just Never Know

I have some friends visiting from Montreal this week. They left Montreal in a snow storm and arrived in Fernie in the rain. Bummer! Having been here before, they shrugged their shoulders, smiled and opened a beer. �Don�t worry Bernie, we will have fun anyway� que sera, sera. It�s Fernie. You just never know.� Well they were right� despite the mild temperatures, the snow arrived last night. A very nice surprise. There were about 10 to 12 cm. of fresh stuff on the ski hill this morning.

The temperature at the base area was +1 degree when we started skiing at 10 o�clock so the snow was soft and a bit sticky. We opted to head for the highest elevation right off the bat and we stayed in Timber and Currie bowls all morning. Fortunately it was cool enough up top to keep the snow soft. Certainly not the lightest powder we have had this season but very satisfying. As you can see from the pictures it fluffed up around the waist if you found the right pocket.

I had to head home just after noon to look after Paco, our new pup. By then, there wasn�t much fluff to be seen,(I'm sure you could find some if you looked) but still very good soft bump skiing on the upper mountain. The closer one got to the base area, the sticker the snow became. Meadow was packed pretty solid by 12:30. It�s edges lined with the grabby stuff that is oh so capable of diverting one ski and inducing one of those fly-swatter falls.

At 4:30 it is +2C in town and it is snowing again� :-)

From top of Anaconda toward Polar peak and Concussion

Michel on lower Bootleg Glades

Linda near Shakey's Acres


Miles near Shakey's Acres

Eileen on lower Bootleg Glades