Bernie's Report - March 01, 2007

Light, White and Legendary

It was evident that the �20cm rule� was invoked by many businesses in town today. Yesterday�s nonexistent queue at the Elk chair was replaced today with what looked like a Fernie small business convention. � 27 cm of �light white� gotem all out today! I didn�t get too many pictures today. Sorry, I kept forgetting to stop.

The new snow was nice and light. My narrow skis (by today�s� standards) reached the hard pack quite frequently in knee deep powder. The limited terrain got chopped up quite quickly but it was definitely, as FAR likes to say, �legendary powder�. Not only was the snow deep and soft but the skies were partially clear. Some sunshine and good visibility added to the pleasure.

Powder ribbons should have been mandatory equipment today. I bounced out of my skis a couple of times when a hidden bump jumped up to bite me. Luckily I had my ribbons on and didn�t loose a ski, but I saw several frustrated skiers looking for a lost plank.

At 3:15pm it is 0C with broken cloud

27cm overnight = line up at the Elk Chair

Face shots on Boomerang (just left of the unfortuntaly timed chair)

Another poorly framed shot of a skier and chair on Boomerang (I'll have to work on my eye-hand coordination too)