Bernie's Report - February 28, 2007

Another Top-Up

FAR was only reporting 7cm of fresh snow this morning. It was enough to entice me out, but from the number of unoccupied chairs, there certainly wasn�t enough new snow to entice many of us! The skiing though was very good. I had not been out for a while and expected �dust over crust�. However, even though the hard pack could be felt every now and again, it was covered by much more than 7 cm.

Boot deep untracked powder could be found almost anywhere on the upper mountain this morning. Albeit the bumps underneath added to the challenge. Occasional sunshine complimented the good snow conditions early in the day. By 11am it had started to snow lightly in the Whitepass area and the flurries continued throughout the day.

On my last run in Currie Bowl the run I picked was, to my complete surprise, completely untracked in over boot deep powder� and at 11:30???! Oh well, I�m not complaining but even so I can�t tell which run it was. ;-)

At 4:45 pm it is snowing heavily in town. Temperature is -1C

Looking down North Ridge toward town.

A birds-eye view of the Whitepass Chair

Timber Bowl from the high traverse on Shakey's Acres

The base of the Elk Chair at 9:15